Introduction from Leo E. Manzer, PhD (President):

Catalysis is often believed to involve black magic to be successful. While there is an element of luck involved, relying on experience in process R&D can reduce the risk during commercial development. Engineering what may appear to be a good catalyst, and process, into an economically viable operation is a complex process. Operation of a good sized pilot plant with sound chemistry and engineering is critical. Without attention to details, even the best catalyst will never work successfully. With over 35 years of industrial experience in catalysis and process R&D, the founder of Catalytic Insights LLC, Leo E Manzer, is well suited to assist in your research and development program. This experience can take much of the guesswork out of your problems and reduce the risk during commercialization.

Catalytic Insights offers consulting in a wide variety of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic reactions with particular emphasis on the conversion of biomass to renewable fuels and chemicals.